How to choose the RIGHT mover for a move within California

Research Research Research

Not all moving companies are the same!

  • Most licensed moving companies are going to be listed in a classified telephone directory.
  • Make sure to request documents showing they are fully licensed, bonded, have Workers comp, and liability insurance. Movers are required to have a Public Utilities license number not just a city license.
  • Ask if they perform full background checks on all of their employees.
  • Call the Public Utilities Commission at 1-800-366-4782 to confirm they are a fully licensed and insured company. You can also find out if the PUC has issued any informal citations or taken formal legal actions against the company.  You will want to make sure you have the company’s correct and complete name, address, phone number, and “cal-t” or “MTRO” number.
  • A licensed mover will always have a “cal-t” or “MTRO” number. Part of being a licensed mover is being licensed through the Public Utilities Commission and abiding by tariff regulations.
  • Get multiple quotes and get a feel for each company. Work with the different estimators, call the office and ask questions, visit the office’s in person and view the warehouse (especially if you are planning on using the company’s’ warehouse for storage.
  • There are many people who have a truck and helpers who call themselves “movers.” It is very important to really do your homework when choosing a mover.  Remember, you are allowing strangers in your home where your family, pets, and most personal belongings are.  We are sure you wouldn’t pick up a couple of guys from a parking lot so why pay for and allow a company who may hire felons to be in your home.
  • Moving is a very personal and stressful time. Don’t just look at the bottom price.  Really invest some time to compare the services offered/provided by each company.  Always feel free to reach out to each company to ask questions to compare services before making a final decision.

“Cheap Movers Aren’t Good, Good Movers Aren’t Cheap”