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Look toward Turner Moving & Storage as your top choice for moving from Napa Valley to Los Angeles. We ensure that your move will go smoothly with expert moving services, including:

  • Residential and Office Moving
  • Expert Packing Services
  • Specialty Moving, Such as Senior or Antiques Moving
  • Secure Warehouse Storage

Trust is key with who you move with. Here are just some of the reasons why you can trust Turner Moving & Storage for your cross-California move:

  • Wheaton World Wide Moving Agent of the Year – 2022
  • Family-Owned and Operated
  • Fully Licensed, MTR 0190536
  • Fully Insured, General Liability and Workers Comp

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California is a big state. While moving from one end to the other may not technically be a long-distance move, it certainly feels like one. For California in-state moving, you need a moving company that you can feel confident in. You need Turner Moving & Storage to provide you with a successful relocation from Napa Valley to Los Angeles.
We make moving simple and give you peace of mind throughout your move with our dedication to providing top-quality customer care. In order to take the stress out of moving, our crew is trained to provide quick and helpful answers to all of your questions.

Our In-State Moving Services

Moving from Napa Valley in Northern California to Los Angeles in Southern California is a big move, which is why you should look for a truly full-service moving company. Turner Moving & Storage fits that mold by providing you with access to all of the moving services that you may need. Here are just a few of them for your California in-state move:

  • We handle your move to Los Angeles no matter where you are moving to or from, whether it be a house, apartment, condo, office, or other commercial building.
  • Our crew focuses on convenience and security with our packing and unpacking services. We handle every item or just the most needed ones to match your needs. Each member of our crew is expertly trained to pack your items in a way that maximizes the security of your belongings.
  • Even if you have more unique moving needs, Turner is your answer. We handle specialty moves, including senior moving, antiques moving, and more.
  • If you’re looking to store your belongings, consider our warehouse storage. We integrate the storage process into your move to streamline your storage. In order to maximize security, we have climate stable and 24/7 surveillance.

Here at Turner Moving & Storage, we can’t help but bring up our experience. With a trusted moving history dating all the way back to 1949 in Napa Valley, we have learned a thing or two about moving. We have taken that knowledge and used it to sculpt out our list of services that are built for a successful move. With Turner, you can be confident that you are getting tried-and-true service for your move.

Comparing Napa Valley and Los Angeles

Even though they reside in the same state, Napa Valley and Los Angeles are very different areas. Part of this has to do with the large distance between the two cities and the vastly different types of people that live in Napa Valley and Los Angeles.
As you plan your move across California, we highly recommend having an understanding of the key differences between these cities. As movers who have hauled between these areas for decades, we have an understanding that we have put into this list of key differences between Napa Valley and L.A.:

  • Housing Market: Both Napa Valley and Los Angeles are home to high housing prices, however, there is a key difference that you should be mindful of when buying an L.A. home. While the percentage of homes sold above listing price is 50.5% in Napa Valley, it is a whopping 64.4% above asking in Los Angeles. We suggest looking at what homes are selling for when planning your home purchase, not what they are listed for.
  • Population: Most people understand that Los Angeles is a huge city. However, it can be difficult to wrap your head around just how big of a city it is. Looking at the density, you will find that Napa has a population density of 4,439.20/sq mi, while Los Angeles has nearly double that with 8,359.0/sq mi.
  • Climate: While Napa Valley gets a bit colder in the winter months, the real difference in climate is the amount of rain that Napa Valley gets compared to Los Angeles. While Napa Valley is a bit below the national average with a bit over 25 inches of rain a year, it is much more than the average of 14.93 inches in Los Angeles. You will have to be even more mindful of your water consumption. Make sure you are aware of city ordinances regarding water use.

As you can see, the differences between these cities are vast, despite sharing a state. These differences will play a part in how your budget is laid out and how you approach fitting into your new hometown.

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Wondering whether Turner Moving & Storage is the best fit for your move from Napa Valley to Los Angeles? Consider the fact that we are family-owned and operated, fully licensed (MTR 0190536), fully insured (General Liability and Workers Comp), and were named the Agent of the Year for Wheaton 2022 as well as a member of the Preferred Movers Network and abide by its Code of Conduct. You can see that we have the experience and qualities necessary for a successful California in-state relocation.
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