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Records Management

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Turner Moving & Storage’s aim is to keep your office space clean and organized while keeping your files safe and secure for future use. To keep your records protected we provide:

● Constant surveillance
● A secure and vaulted warehouse
● Inventory of all items
● Decades of experience

To meet all of your records management needs, we also provide shredding. This includes:
● Compliance with federal, state, and industry laws and regulations
● A cost-efficient shredding process
● Background-checked and properly trained workers handling your information

Contact us today to get started by calling (707) 255-8600 or filling out a free estimate form.

warehousing rackingYour records and files are important. So is your space. It can be hard to balance archiving old files for future use, and keeping a clean and open office. Our records storage and management system is the best way to get the best of both worlds.

With a secure warehouse and shredding on-site, along with the ability to deliver to and pick-up records bins from customers, Turner Moving & Storage is the top choice for your records management needs.

Our expertise is backed by our history, having been started all the way back in 1940. Choosing Turner Moving & Storage will guarantee you secure and efficient record management. Get started now by filling out this contact form.

Warehouse Security

Whether you want short-term or long-term document management, you can trust that your files are in safe hands. Our aim is to keep your records protected and that starts with the building. That is why we have done everything we can to keep your information secure in our warehouse.

Records Management

To guarantee this protection we provide:

  • 24/7 surveillance to ensure the safety of your private information
  • A secure climate stable warehouse to safeguard all of your records
  • Thorough inventory of all items so that all of your items are exactly where they need to be
  • The experience that we’ve gained since our start in the 1940s

You don’t want your valuable information to be in the hands of someone without the experience or know-how to handle your documents with care. You want someone with the expertise, diligence and passion to keep your information safe. Give Turner Moving & Storage a call to keep your records protected.


Shredding is a key aspect of your company’s security. The security of our shredding will ensure that your private documents are protected. Shredding with us is secure and cost-efficient. You can’t afford to let private information get into the wrong hands, so go with somebody you can trust: Turner Moving & Storage.

We guarantee that we will shred all documents according to all laws and regulations including federal, state and industry to ensure your compliance. This means that you can avoid any repercussions including fines or penalties.

If your company has any sensitive information then you need a shredding service. In order to keep your shredding cost-effective, secure, and compliant, reach out to Turner Moving & Storage.

Why Trust Us?

Obviously, trusting a company with extremely sensitive information requires a sterling reputation. We want to ensure you that we are the company that will put your mind at ease. Our aim is to make you feel safe and secure, which is why we can guarantee that all employees handling your sensitive documents have undergone a background check and are properly trained. These are experts with integrity and they will handle your information with care.

Our experience guarantees that our operating shredding procedures are the most efficient and secure as possible. We have been in business since the 1940s and since then our mission has been to keep our customers’ items protected. With what we’ve learned since then, we can guarantee secure records management for your company.

How to Begin Storing Records With Turner Moving & Storage

Having gained experience since the 1940s, we are able to offer you a seamless records management system. We guarantee the protection of your records, compliance with all laws and regulations regarding shredding, and a secure and organized warehouse. Our trusted team will make sure that your records management is stress-free.

If you have any questions or if you want to start storing your documents with us, give us a call at (707) 255-8600 and a friendly Turner Moving & Storage representative will answer your questions or walk you through the next steps. If you’re planning a budget for your records management, you can get a free estimate with us here.

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