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Your important papers are a crucial aspect of your life. They may contain sensitive business information, personal medical histories or even bank statements; that’s why document shredding services are so important. A good document shredding service protects not your documents but your company. With Turner Moving and Storages Shredding Services, you don’t just get a company with a stellar reputation you get:

  • 55 Cent Shredding Per Pound
  • No Minimums
  • Document Dropoff and Pickup

When dropping off your documents, you want a business that will support you through the service. From start to finish you want a company that will help you through the process. When thinking of a company remember that Turner is:

  • Fully-Licensed (MTR 0190536)
  • Fully-Insured (General Liability/Workman’s comp)
  • Family Owned-Operated

Shredding your documents helps your business. Turner’s years of experience can work for you. Call us at (707) 255-8600 for more info to request your shredding services Estimate today.

Since getting our start in the 40s, we have focused on bringing the best customer experience possible. With our shredding services, you have peace of mind knowing that your documents are being taken care of. We provide high-quality shredding services for all your business needs.

How Shredding Services Can Help You

Shredding services are beneficial to all businesses as they provide you with a sense of security. These services can range from large-scale business shreds to small personal shreds. When shredding with any shredding service, it’s always prudent to look at any of the services to see what is best for your bulk shredding jobs. At Turner, we can offer many benefits for all your shredding needs:

Fifty-five Cents Per Pound Shredding: Turner is one of your best options when it comes to shredding. We offer 55 cents per pound shredding. This puts us ahead of the competition. We want you to focus on your business, not the price. Most shredding prices are significantly higher than those of Turner, with the average being $1 a pound for shredding.

No Minimum: Shredding with us is easy for you. We have no minimum shredding limitations. Instead, we shred various amounts, including bulk orders and personal shredding. This means we can handle the size of the job you need and, by doing so, offer you the best service possible.

Document Pickup or Dropoff: Your shredding experience can be made even more accessible with our pickup and drop off service. Just drop off your documents, and we’ll shred them for you or we can pick them up for you saving you money on gas and saving you time as well.

Our team believes in helping customers through all their document shredding needs. In addition, our team of professionals wants to work hard to provide great customer service and care personal care to all customers.

Benefits of Shredding Services

When you shred your documents with Turner Moving and Storages shredding services, you get a quality experience bolstered by our commitment to our customers. Here are some benefits of shredding services:

It Protects Your Customers and Your Business

By shredding your documents, you are protecting your business and your customers. In addition, shredding your documents can keep personal information about your clients secure.

One leak of information, and you have a business nightmare on your hands. By shredding documents, you not only protect clients, but you protect your business as well.


Outsourcing your shredding services is beneficial as it saves your employees valuable time. If an employee is constantly getting up to go to the shredder, they are wasting precious work time. With a shredding service, you just have to focus on getting work done and not constantly shredding paper.

Improved Reputation

Using shredding services shows your clients that you take handling their confidential information seriously and that you trust trained professionals to dispose of it. It also shows that you control what happens to that information so the customer feels more assured that you can handle whatever task you have been assigned.

There are many reasons to shred documents. It can be for personal or business. but regardless of what it is, go with a company that offers you the best service possible. Go with Turner Moving and Storage for all your shredding needs.

Shred Your Document With Turner Today!

Shedding your documents with Turner is incredibly smart for your business. Our secure shredding methods protect your privacy from people wanting to steal your information. Our shredding services are done by our highly skilled team of professionals who dedicate themselves to making your customer experience the best it can be. You can call us for more information on our shredding services at (707) 255-8600. Get your free Estimate today!

Did you know...?

How Does Moving Valuation Work?

There are three levels of valuation. The basic plan is typically called “Release Rate Liability” and will pay you a certain amount of money per pound which is generally a fraction of what your item's value is.

You can also get “Full-Value Coverage” which means that, if your belongings are lost or damaged, will be repaired, replaced with like items, or you get a cash settlement.

Lastly, you will be able to mark your items on a “High-Value Inventory'' list. All items that are valued at over $100 per pound must be on this list. This can be anything from jewelry to art to antiques and more.

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