How to Pack Clothes

Packing clothes for a move may seem simple, but it can be more of a hassle than you think. That is why we’ve put together this video to show you some of the best ways to pack clothes for a move. 

Tips on packing Your Wardrobe

First, you’ll need to sort out which clothes will be hung and which will be folded. There are two different methods for packing folded clothes: flat fold and military roll. The flat fold method is your best bet for bulky items like jeans or sweaters. Fold your items into small sections until they are flat enough to pack away. This is what you probably think of when “folding” comes to mind.   

The military roll works best for packing softer clothes like shirts. Start by cuffing the bottom of your shirt about 1 inch. After that, fold the sleeves at the shoulders onto the body of the shirt. Fold one side of the shirt into the middle and the other all the way across. Now roll it like a burrito from the neck down. You should be able to wrap the cuff you made at the bottom around the roll once you’re done. 

For your hanging clothes, you may want to buy a wardrobe box. They come with a built-in hanger bar. You could even poke a hole in the bottom of a trash bag to place over your clothes. 


Final Thoughts

If you would still like more help with packing your clothes securely, make sure to talk to your movers. They are expertly trained to make sure your clothes are safe and sound.