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Apartment Movers

We’ve been in business since 1949, so we know that it can be challenging moving into or out of an apartment compared to a house. We know the conditions of dealing with an apartment move – abiding by the property’s move-out policies, not disturbing neighbors or navigating tight hallways and steep staircases.

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If you are moving into an apartment, or your lease is up at your current apartment and you need to move out, Turner Moving & Storage can help you with your move. We’re experts when it comes to moving in and out of rental properties.

Since 1949, we’ve been moving people in and out of their rental properties. Turner Moving & Storage offers apartment moving services, including:

• Packing and unpacking
• Furniture disassembly and reassembly
• Storage options
• Valuation coverage

Our customers use Turner Moving & Storage because we:

• Are family-owned and operated
• Are fully licensed and insured
• Create a custom moving plan for your move
• Maintain open communication with our customers at all phases of the move

Our team of professional movers have the skills and knowledge to complete your senior move carefully and efficiently. For more information, call us today at (707) 255-8600 or fill out our online form.

Apartment facilities or buildings can have strict rules and regulations to follow, so let Turner Moving & Storage help you. Our professional movers are trained for these situations, so we can make sure your move is easy and stress-free for you.

We’re fully-licensed and insured, so you don’t have to worry about our movers navigating around corners and damaging your belongings. We background check every single one of our movers so you can rest assured that they will move your valuables carefully and efficiently.

By offering boxes, padding and wrapping for your belongings, we make sure that your possessions are secure and safe before being moved into or out of an apartment.

At Turner Moving & Storage, we always provide our customers with a moving coordinator. Our licensed moving coordinators will work with you to help plan the move and guide you through your moving day so you don’t have to worry about the details – we’ve got it handled.

Apartment Moving Services in Napa, California

Whether you’re moving out of a rental property into another rental, or moving from a rental to a household, Turner Moving & Storage offers a range of services to fit your needs.

We are well-versed in local Napa moves, statewide moves, interstate and long-distance moves, and even international moves. Our partners at Wheaton Worldwide Van Lines give us the ability to haul your household items anywhere they need to go.

We customize our services, so you receive the highest quality services and complete your move in the most efficient way. The apartment moving services we offer can include:

Our wide range of services ensures that we’re doing the heavy lifting, not you. Moving is stressful, but we’re experts and know exactly how to handle any moving situation, so your move is stress-free for you.

Get a free moving estimate from Turner Moving & Storage

At Turner Moving & Storage, we have more than 70 years of experience in the moving business. We are proud of the high-quality of service we provide to our clients.

If you’re ready to move, call us today at (707) 255-8600 or fill out our free online estimate form  and begin taking steps toward completing your apartment move.

Did you know...?

Can I Store My Items During a Move?

Yes! Your moving company will be happy to take your items to their warehouse storage. To make storing your belongings easy, look for a full-service moving company that provides climate-stable warehouse storage with 24/7 surveillance.

With warehouse storage, your movers will pack up your items, load them up in their truck, store them in their warehouse, then deliver it to your new home when you’re ready. In fact, for those with a full house, storage can be even easier with On-Demand Storage options.

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